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Ground School

To facilitate training, we require that all students be at least 14 years of age to take the training and have access to a laptop to follow through the learning material within our web portal.

**Cost for our Classroom Drone Ground School Training is $499.00 + HST**

Flight Review

To facilitate flight reviews, all candidates must:

- be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
- be at least 16 years of age
- have a Pilot Certificate - Basic Operations and passed the Small Advanced Exam
- reside at the address indicated on their pilot certificate
- provide government-issued identification with the correct spelling of their name


**Cost per Flight Review:

  • $199.00 + HST for Atlantic Region; and

  • $249.00 + HST for Toronto.

Training Sessions & Flight Reviews

6940 Mumford Road, Suite 504

Halifax, NS B3L 0B7

3050 Harvester Road, Suite 202
Burlington, ON, L7N 3J1  Canada

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