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Natural Disaster Support

AVCI has helped countries like Ecuador post-earthquake in 2016 and Barbuda post-hurricane in 2017

When a disaster situation changes by the second, first responders, city officials and support staff need the most accurate data possible to make the proper decisions. When public safety is priority one, you need to know how your decisions will impact the response on the ground. Manned aircraft, if available, can provide a good level of information but are expensive to deploy.

If you haven’t considered adding the services of a qualified UAV Operator to your disaster plan then you need to call us today. We can provide responders on the ground with real time video and can easily be mobilized to any location. Not having the best information available when you need it the most could mean the difference between a properly executed plan vs. a high stakes rescue effort.

Inspection - Thermal Imaging - 3D Modeling - Mapping

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