Wind Energy Inspections

Over 2500 Wind Turbines inspected by AVCI since 2017

The exterior of the tower is constantly exposed to the elements and the blades are most susceptible to damage in weather events such as ice storms, thunderstorms, high winds, etc. Chips, cracks, and delamination of the composite material in the blades can contribute to a decrease in the overall efficiency of the system and if not corrected, catastrophic failure of the blade or worse yet, the entire tower.

We can perform an external inspection of the entire tower with very minimal downtime (< 60 minutes) on your system and provide you with the information you need so your technicians can focus their attention on the critical area, reducing the need for them to spend unnecessary time in an otherwise dangerous environment.

Your onsite technical staff can view the live video and request further inspection of critical or questionable areas. All data collected will be provided to you, typically while we are still on site.